Saturday, December 28

14 projects for 2014- Part 1- knitting

This next year I'm going to try and focus on actually completing projects in my queue. I've got way too much yarn for my own good, all bought for specific projects, that have obviously not been knit.

So here's my countdown:

Image taken from the Brooklyn Tweed Website

1. Y really wants a new sweater, and he's more into knit items this past year than before.
I let him look through Brooklyn Tweeds mens collection, and he really liked Hugo by Veronik Avery.
It's a favorite of mine as well. I can't wait for Y to wear it.

Image taken from the Brooklyn Tweed Website

2. My hands are usually cold, like, freezing cold. This is new this year, I don't ever remember my hands being this cold. It's the worst in the morning when I'm driving to work, last year Y drove us both to work, so I had my hands wrapped around my coffee. I have gloves, but isn't a handmade pair much better?
I've had my eye on Shipyard Mittens by Carrie Bostick Hoge since it came out. I just need to find the 2 perfect colors to go together. Maybe a nice gold with cream.
Carrie has such beautiful patterns, I've made both her immie blanket and Imogen Cowl (which I'm wearing right now!) and I've got so many more in my favorites.

Sheepish, by Alana Dakos, Imageby Alana Dakos

3. This just might be the first project I favorited when joining Ravelry.
I don't think I need to say anything else about it but CUTENESS!!!

Image taken from the Ravelry Project page

4. Wee Austin Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio. And of course anything else by Connie. I loved the adult version of this hoodie, but the little one is way too cute. It's got a little pointed hood, and it's made with fingering- awesome for our warmer weather.

Image by DavidWhitfield, Taken from the Ravelry project page

5. My sister "gently" hinted that she's like a new knitted garment for her little girl.
Her kids are picky about their clothes, and I would like them to have something they can use over and over again, and not just this winter. We use our blankets all the time, and Y has asked me to make more, they are so warm and cozy, and so homey.
I think a blanket would be best. Plus, I love knitting blankets. And you cannot ever go wrong with Anne Hanson!
Hazard, by Anne Hanson, can also be knitted as a wrap, in either fingering or DK weight. I think I'm going to go with the small throw,  but the baby blanket just might work as well.

So these are the projects I will most definitely have knit in 2014 (hopefully!) I hope I can squeeze in some more knitting projects, I'd love to get a pair of socks done for Y, another throw for our living room, a stole for my mom, and the list goes on...
(I really want to knit this, but don't want to commit just yet!)

What are you planning on knitting in 2014?!

Saturday, November 30

Goodbye Twenties

I have a birthday coming up this week. The "big" 30. I am so ready to say goodbye to me twenties, which although have been full of wonderful things (meeting my wonderful husband, marriage, career, our first home/mortgage), I feel like I'm more than ready to move on and say hello to my thirties.
It's got to be better.
These past few years have been, well, horrible. Unemployment, disappointment, and then, loss.
This past year has been nothing but pain, tears, sadness and loss. I'm not going to get into it, I feel it's still to personal, but 2013, 29, good riddance. I had such high hopes for you, but you really dissapointed.
I'm ready to move on.

Have you heard of Jonathan Carrol? Did I mention him before?
I can't even remember how I heard of him, but I follow him on Facebook, and I always look forward to his posts. (Please follow him here! You won't be sorry!) Most of them are amazing quotes by others, and amazing photographs. Every now and then he adds a quote of his own. I've yet to read his books, but they are on my list.
This was one is from his feed today:

"“There are times in your life when, despite the steel weight of your memories and the sadness that seems to lie at your feet like a shadow, you suddenly and strangely feel perfectly okay.” 

 -Kevin Brockmeier

I'm trying. Sometimes it's just really hard ♥

Saturday, September 28

I've made a huge mistake

No really, I've made a huge tiny mistake. Any other Arrested Development fans out there?
Once I found out I made a mistake (and a stupid one at that) Mini Gob immediately sat down on the speaker next to the table, crossed his legs and laughed uncomfortably.
I buried my face in my hands. How did this happen?!
I say tiny because it's somewhat fixable.
A while ago (I can't remember when, if I could it might solve a few questions) I ordered white fabric. It wasn't Moda. It was Riley Blake, and I have no idea why I ordered it. And I don't remember how much.
I always buy Bella solids bleached white (which really isn't all that white. It's more yellow. Thanks Riley Blake).
I started my Snow Blossoms quilt with the Riley Blake white. I started my I Heart You quilt with the Bella bleached white.
I finished half the snow blossoms about a month ago, before we moved, and just the other day took out the rest of the fabric to cut. Yesterday I cut the white fabric, today sat down to piece everything together and to my horror realized I had cut the bleached white instead of the (snow I'm guessing) white.
I spent all morning going over my orders in the past year looking for some kind of white. It took me a while to remember it was Riley Blake and not another company. But I remember it being a part of some collection... Which is why I'm remembering snow. Maybe Santa's Workshop white? Why are there so many whites?! None of the orders had anything in them, and most of the shops I buy from, while they do have an account page, they don't have recent orders.
Why do I care so much- because I probably don't have enough white to finish the Snow Blossoms. What a quilter rookie I am. I'm so embarrassed.

I'll be buying some of Santa's workshop and hope it matches. If not... Well, half a quilt can still work :)

Now, let's have another bit of Gob to make me feel better!

Saturday, July 13

Back to the beginning- building a stash

I have a few favorite quilting blogs, one of them being Blue Elephant Stitches. I found her a few years ago on etsy, and was delighted to find her blog.
Her quilts are simply, the fabric choices are amazing. There are some really simple quilts, and the fabric- they definitely make the quilt! I have been inspired by her quilts, there are more than a few I have on my checklist.
I just have to find the perfect fabrics for them- like hers.
A pattern is always pretty simple, and you see hundreds of people who have sewn it- they all look different. A pattern is a pattern, but you bring it to life with the colors, and fabrics you choose.
I guess that's why I like flickr groups, to see one quilt, the same pattern, different in every picture.
It's no secret I have a hard time matching colors and prints. Always trying to be perfect, but perfect only comes together once the quilt is sewn together, binding and all. I'm still on fat quarters, charm squares, perfectly matched collections. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's wonderful to have that choice, but I so do want to try a mishmash of different collections.
Jolene Klassen, of Blue Elephant Stitches, put together a "quilt course". I am following of course! I want to know her little secrets and tips, I definitely want to know where she got some of her fabulous fabrics from, some of them look seriously soft! And I'm really interested in what she has to say about batting and quilting.

Starting off is fabric selection, or "Building a Stash", of course it starts there. It is really helpful, and I know I'll go back to it and read the posts again and again. I need to get it through my head to experiment a little! Try!
Damn perfectionism!
Jolene must know her fabric choices are drooled over, so she offers pre-cut "charm pack"s of different fabrics in her etsy store, like below.
I think I'm still playing it safe by buying a "charm pack" like this from her, but it is a start!

Saturday, June 15

BOM #1

A while ago SewLux started to advertise their BOM quilt kits. Hell yes, sign me up!
I've never done a quilt-a-long, or quilt kits, or anything of the sort, so I was more than excited. (think kid in candy store). And I had to go with the Happy-Go-Lucky kit from the lovely Camille Roskelley.
As an international, I needed to go with the 2 kits shipped one every other month. Shipping costs are already a fortune, so whatever helps cut the cost. (There are still some kits available!)
I picked up the package yesterday, yippee!

BOM Sew Lux July block
Of course I peeked...

 The pattern was quite easy and I finished in a short while. I thought of maybe waiting for the July block as well, but who has the patience?! I'll play along with everyone else, one block a month.

BOM Sew Lux June block, Happy Go Lucky, Camille Rosekelley, Simplify
Finished block

When signing up I definitely considered going pattern only, and trying to play around with my stash. I don't think I'm at that point though. I love how everything is already put together for me, if it was up to me- I would spend the next few months just pairing the perfect pattern and color together. Plus, this is a great chance to try a beautiful new collection!

BOM Sew Lux June block, Happy Go Lucky, Camille Rosekelley, Simplify
 Closer up

 I also decided to go with the backing and binding kits. Same reason as before- I have a matching problem. Easier to go with pre picked. Besides, it is a kit!
Got the thumbs up from DH on the dark blue backing, this is going to be very different than the rest of my quilts!
Now, I have a year to master free motion quilting... Doable, right?

BOM Sew Lux back+binding Happy Go Lucky
Binding and backing kits

This past week I finally placed an order with Amazon for Camille Rosekelleys new book- Simply Retro. The shipping date is estimated July 31st (yikes) but if I know amazon, it just might be here by next weekend.
I have my eye on her new line Scrumptious, and can't wait for it to be available.
So much fabric, so little time!

See you next month!

What I learnt from quilting this week: 
If you ever poke yourself with the needle/pin, wait until you stop bleeding...

Saturday, May 25

Getting back on the horse

I've had a tough couple of months. It seems like just a few weeks ago it was pouring rain, February, and we were bundled up in sweaters and thick socks. 
Right now, I'm torn between that feeling, and the feeling that February was a zillion light years ago. 
I know I have a lot to be thankful for, My health, my dear husband, our families and their health. What really more do you need? It's hard to believe that though.
This past week I've started to feel more up to it. Like I've gotten one foot in the saddle. Was is because of the acupuncture I've started, or has time started to do it's thing? Not sure, but at least it's helping.
I haven't really touched my sewing machine in a month. My latest project is draped on the chair, waiting.
Knitting, eh. I can't really find the perfect project to knit right now. I actually blocked 2 projects this week. I still have to graft one, maybe today I'll get some pictures.

Trying to stay positive, here's a list of things that happened this week that made me happy! In the order they happened...
1. I have about 4 Hoya plants scattered around the house. I fell for them hard years back. Sadley, they didn't really bloom. I know it can take a while, but 5 years?! The biggest Hoya, in our living room bloomed, but only once a year, in one place the past 2 years.
This past month the biggest started to bloom. When the flowers fell, we saw another bud! An another! Right now the third bud is in full bloom, and while peeking outside, I saw our Hoya outside is just about to bloom! This is the first, and I'm wondering what the flower will look like. 
April showers do bring May flowers ♥
2. The Great Gatsby- We went out to watch it last Friday, it was awesome! It was the regular version, 3D give me headaches. What a FUN movie! I loved the dresses- they are right up my alley! Loved the music, dancing, everything. Go see it!
3. We signed a mortgage on our new apartment. And now the wait begins! We get the keys on August 15th and I'm so excited about it. I should probably start packing stuff, I know time is going to fly.
4. My new shoes. Need I say more?

5. Sew Lux BOM. Signed up. Am super excited about it. I never was in a quilt-a-long, or a block of the month, or bought a quilt as a kit. So I'm excited to get my first shipment and begin. Anyone want to join me?
6. I got a Zuko Pop maker! (We got the duo one) I've wanted one for so long but kept holding it off. This week I saw an ad for it and went for it! The weather here is already unbearable, and I think we'd enjoy some healthier snacks. Cannot wait to make some creamsicles! Now I need to make room in the freezer!
7. Dear Creatures. I just got a box of 3 Dear Creatures dresses from Emerging Thoughts
I LOVE to buy from them, amazing customer service, and great selection. I like to support indie, and prefer to buy from them! 
The Dear Creature dresses fit perfectly, and I cannot wait to wear them with my new shoes ;)
And, speaking of Dear Creatures/Emerging Thoughts, There's a new Arrow dress, (isn't it adorable?!)which is on my list. I might get it as a cheer me up dress, or just because I think I deserve it.
8. I found the perfect pizza crust recipe. Next time I'll half it and roll it out much thinner. I also used 1 cup whole wheat 2 cups white, if anyone is interested. Pizza nights just got better.

It's the small things that can make a change.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and may we only see the cup half full ♥

Saturday, April 13

Tough luck

I've had a hard week. Things have been tough, but I'm starting to see the end of it.
I try and think of songs that make me happy, but usually they have some sad line hidden inside somewhere that kind of makes me break down. Inspirational quotes are a big no no. Even you're regular "Everything is going to be OK" gets me weepy. But everything will be ok. Has to be, doesn't it?

I've slowly gotten back to knitting and sewing. Last weekend I couldn't look at any project, I kind of just lay there on the couch, one skein in my right hand, one skein in my left, waiting for some sort of sign to tell me which one to knit up. Choosing a pattern was even more painful. But I'm starting to enjoy it again, and even got out to photograph an FO.

A few weeks ago I finished up my Pomme De Pin. I put off knitting it forever because I was scared of seams. I had even bought the yarn for it last year, Madelinetosh Alpaca sport, in the delicious glazed pecan.
I must admit that in the beginning I had a hard time. Following directions of course.
It got easier after I ripped it out a few times and actually READ.

I love this yarn. I love the color. I love how it knits up (except for being slightly itchy, but hey, it's wool and alpaca). I wish it was winter again to wear it, plus go back in time a few months. Sorry, I'm still a bit out of it.

This is my first seamed project, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, it was actually quite fun and satisfying. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or I just need to block it, because the shoulders are slightly falling off my shoulders.

I'm so darn happy with myself for completing this. I wish it was a bit longer, but I had just enough yarn to finish it up. I'm talking about 10 grams left. Yup, I was sweating like a marathon runner towards the end.
I made 4 button holes, just like the pattern called for, but it seems that the top button is useless. I might need to remove it, I think it looks funny high up there.
I bought the buttons on etsy a long time ago, I can't remember from where. They're coconut and I bought a whole bunch of them for all my projects. I think they're perfect, and will probably get tired of them soon :)

My next seamed project will probably be Hellebore, or maybe Peabody. I'm not afraid anymore ;) Isn't completing something you've put aside for so long completely satisfying?!

I hope everyone has a lovely and calm weekend, and hey, one inspirational quote/poster for a better week-

Hugs to everyone ♥

Monday, March 25


Awesome. Today is the first day of a (hopefully work doesn't call and need me!) 10 day vacation. Again, awesome! This is a much needed vacation, even if I spend it all at home and rest. Not wasted time if you ask me.
We started the day in bed and just laid around until 10:00. I love my weekend morning coffee in bed, even more so when it's on a weekday!
Tonight is the first night of Passover, and we're off to my Moms, I'm not sure what's on the menu, but I know we're bringing chicken and I asked for tongue. Tongue is so holiday-ee, and I love it!
I'm bringing along my knitting to finish up, only have half a sleeve to do and then it's good to wear. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Pictures hopefully this weekend!
I also hope to get another block or two for my Swoon blanket finished this week. 3 done 6 to go. Yikes.

 A bit wrinkled. Can you spot the bear?

 When I read the pattern, and it said "finished block size 24" ", I figured it would be big. ish. I go by the metric system, and even when I'm told a certain measurement in cm, I'm totally lost. I am not a length person at all. To me, everything is pretty close, or pretty small. 5 minutes away. 20km? That doesn't sound like a lot. (Or does it?!)
Anyways, apparently, 24" is BIG. As in VERY BIG. This sucker is going to cover our whole bed with room for Y to yank more of the blanket onto his side. 

Y took these pictures Saturday, and it was way to windy out to do anything, so into the house we went. the finished quilt will have way better pictures.
I'm not sure which of these three blocks are my favorite so far. Y says that each block I make is prettier than the last. He's so encouraging.
I fall in love with this fabric each time I cut into it. it's just the perfect collection. I'm glad I over bought, but might not be able to bring myself to using the leftover fat quarters!

I'm a bit afraid that the first two blocks are too pale, so I mixed it up with a darker fabric for the third. Those foxes are by far, my all time favorite fabric.
The next block will be the foxes fabric in yellow, hope that one won't be too bright. But if I believe what Y says, I have nothing to worry about.

Have you seen Essie's new Spring nailpolish? Totally into the Madison Hue Ave!

Dogs in slow motion

Not 100% sure why, but I want this

Hope everyone has a lovely week! ♥ 

Saturday, March 23

Heat wave and the flu

Last Friday we had a quickie heat wave, 90+ degrees, and it's only March. I was curled up on the couch with a blanket and cup of tea, tears from yawning and blowing my nose so much. My temps were high all weekend, and towards Sunday I was just stuffy. Majorly stuffy. As in I finished of 2 boxes of Kleenex. I caught the flu, I've never been this sick.
My nose got red and dry, and I was snorting vicks like I was an addict. Not that it helped. I was miserable.
I was really planning on getting some fabric cutting done, but I could not stand up with my head down for more than 5 minutes.
I was cold, I was hot. I was hungry, but really could not eat anything. I didn't sew and I didn't knit. I stayed curled up and watched the finale of Top Chef.
Saturday I asked Y to move my sewing machine to the dining room table so I could quilt my quilt (haha!) and then when watching nothing on TV I could hand sew the binding.
Tuesday evening, I was still sick, but finished the quilt. Threw it into the wash for a quick crinkle, and tada!

Front & binding

Yesterday we had another quickie heat wave, and the wind was blowing like crazy, so no photo shoot. This morning, it started raining (seriously, rain?!) and the wind started blowing again like crazy. I was a bit disappointed I wouldn't get pictures, but Y is an expert with the camera.

Front, back, details
I fell in love with Sarah Janes fabric line "Out To Sea" a while ago, and quickly bought enough for one quilt. 
This fabric is super soft and adorable, even more so in person.
I'm not a cutsey kind of person, but how can you not love these adorable mermaids?!

I decided to try and keep it "modern girly" and picked out a blue floral pattern. The flowers are tiny and delicate, perfect for this kind of quilt.
The filling is thin but still warm enough, so this is a great summer blanket. Plus, the theme is very summery!

Towards the end, I was over HST. I was over zig zags. Bring on some challenge! But there's just something about the simplicity, I guess it's the clean look I like.
I just keep going back to those charm packs!

I have a plan for this quilt, along with the rest, but not going to let that cat out of the bag yet ;)

Hope everyone has a calm and quiet weekend! ♥

Sunday, March 17

What I've learnt (so far) from quilting

What I've learnt (so far) from quilting:
1. A quilt is like a bride. Don't worry, it will always be beautiful in the end.
2. Always have a spare blade.

3. Keep your hair up. You don't want it hanging there, waiting to get caught...
4. Quilting is less about knowing how to sew, and more about patience and precision.

Amy Butlers Bloom Quilt, image via Imagine Fabric

5. If you like a line of fabric. Buy it in multiple forms, charm, fat quarters, jelly roll, whatever. When it's hard to find you'll be happy.
6. Rulers. Lots of them.
7. White charm packs. Always good to have around.

8. Those tiny leftover HST from flying geese make awesome little pin cushions.
9.Colors don't always have to match. And stripes can go with polka dots.
10. If you like the pattern, YOU CAN.

Birds and berries quilt, My own

Have a lovely week ♥

Friday, March 1

Starting to Swoon

Last week I received my fabric for my Swoon quilt.
Ever since I laid eyes on Tinder and Leaf, by Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics, I knew I needed to have it.
Stupid me though, when it came out I changed my mind. By the time I had made up my mind, the fat quarter pack was gone. Of course, I needed to have it, so I signed up to be notified when it was available again.
Now, repeat that last paragraph... (doh'!)

The third time I received a notification, it said "We will not be restocking this". Great, now I REALLY needed to have it.
So I picked out my own bundle. In half yards, just to be on the safe side. You never know. I also didn't want this to become another Heather Ross Mendocino scenario.
By picking out my own bundle I got the chance to overlook a pattern or two I didn't "love" in this line. I think there was one or two. This fabric is really gorgeous.

The foxes are definitely my favorite pattern!

I'm going to make this into a Swoon for us. I know the fabric isn't as "happy" or cheery as some of the Swoons I've seen, (check out the flickr group!) but I think it will be calm and homey. The back will be plain white, the binding the red acorns. I would have gone with the yellow acorns, but it was all sold out.

The colors are great and all compliment each other. I need 9 squares, 2 colors for each square, and I only have 12 "colors". It is no problem to pair these up to have two of the same patterns a few times, and I think it will add to the color. There's not a lot of yellow, so doubling up on them will just make it all look better.

The fabric was bought from Hawthorne Threads, which I love buying from, great selection and super quick shipping.

I'm not going to be able to start this weekend, I still have something small to finish up, but I hope to start cutting this week! Exciting! My very first non HST quilt!

I would love one of these for my bread making.

Reminds me of my dream to learn film.

New Milk magazine!

The Avengers. 50 years of earths mightiest superheros!

Colored tights. I want to be able to get away with them!

Supper tomorrow? Maybe.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 19

Home decor madness- Studio

We're going to have a spare room in our new house for a studio.
Enough said. Let the fun begin!

Is that a chalkboard wall?! I'm still not sure I love that idea, maybe a small magnet section?

This looks more like what my space will look like. I think I'd like a soft board to pin up my quilt squares. There's something I just don't like about cork bulletin boards. The pegs are a great idea, but I'd never be able to keep everything neat and tidy. And I love love love the long clean table. Could I pull that off? Maybe if I stuff all my junk into those drawers.

Lotta Jansdotters studio. Hmmm...

My space could also go in this direction. Love the open shelf unit, and those scissors, WANT! 
I think a nice colorful rug would be great to add some fun into the room.

Like this rug. I would buy it in a second if it was up to me. Y would never go for it though, which is too bad, because it is awesome!
Via West Elm 

I'm still not sure if we're going to leave the walls white, or paint one a different color, or all a different color. I'm always afraid that I'll get sick of it. I know it's only paint, but there's something that feels final to me, like it's a waste to paint over.

There are many rooms I find inspirational, but I don't think they will be realistic, or useful for me. Like I said before, I'm a bit of a clutter bug, and if I have the room to clutter, it will get messy.
The picture below, from Art as Life, is to die for. I love the armoire, the armchair, but I would stuff those shelves like there's no tomorrow. The studio tour is lovely, and there are some great ideas that I can actually use, but the example below is a big no-no for me.

I'm happy to have a direction, and I think most of the furniture for the spare room will come from Ikea, but I don't think I have a problem with that.
I know it will take a while to get the studio together, and I hope all hell doesn't break loose before it does.
I'm excited to start decorating my own space, and already have Decorate Workshop book in my Amazon cart, all ready to be bought and shipped out. I know though that once you start buying decorating books there's no end, maybe that's why I'm still waiting!

Yup, been there. Designers, I know you've been there too!

Three words. Orla Kiely AW13.

Quentin Tarantino Death Count. I always though Pulp Fiction had a bit more deaths than that!

I'm not a Sphynx Cat lover, but what a cutie!

Tapestry Oxfords. Yay or Nay? I'm thinking Yay.

Saturday, February 9

Valentines day count down

I don't expect to get anything special this Valentine's day, not because we don't want to get each other gifts  it's just that they never happen.
Flowers are always waiting for me when I get home from work, and I have about half an hour to admire them before we go out for dinner.
Sometimes we exchange gifts, and when we do, they're kind of, odd.
I got Y a Moby CD a few years ago. Another year I bought him a gingerbread man. One year I gave him a flask. Last year I think I bought him a magazine. I'm horrible.
Throughout the year I always give him little/big presents, whenever I see something I know he'll love, I can't help it. I also can't save it in my closet and wait for a "special day" to give it to him. Some months he gets super awesome presents just because.
Every year though, a few weeks before Valentine's day I "wake up" and start panicking about what to get. That's how I end up with such strange presents. I think Y will be getting a chocolate heart this year.

So, some ideas for next year? Better start planning now!

Combing through my etsy favorites, I didn't come up with that much. Mostly I have stuff I'd like to get. But every now or then I find something that obviously made me think of Y when I clicked that little heart.

I think it was during the first year we were living together that I bought him/us a piece of art for the home. I think that's a nice tradition as well, there's so much I want to buy for the walls, that maybe this is a good time and reason. I've been eyeing Amy Sullivans prints for a long time, and I know Y will appreciate them as well.

I Heart You quilt, V and Co.

I could never finish a quilt or blanket and keep it a surprise for Y. This will be another one of those "just-because" presents during the year. I think that will looks sweet and homey in our bedroom.

Snuggling up to a good romantic movie. Could Moonrise Kingdom be though of as romantic? Whatever it is, it was sweet and made me feel gooey inside.
That's totally possible to do this year.

Moonrise kingdom, via Rotten Tomatoes

I guess I have a few more days to think about it, and if I see a must-buy, Y might even get something materialistic this year.
But really, a big hug and snuggle, is enough ♥

I really, but REALLY want these shoes.

I haven't heard of this series before, but now I've got to!

Beautiful, unconventional self-portraits.

Rebekka Seale is awesome.

Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, February 2

Finished it off on Friday

Yesterday I completed my Birds and Berries quilt, threw it in the wash and by the time it dried it was already too late for beauty shots.
Technically, I finished it off on Friday.

I love how this came out. I'm always amazed at how iffy I am before, colors don't match and etc. But then, when it all comes together, it's always so beautiful! Patchwork. That's the idea.

All fabric are from Lauren & Jessi Jungs line for Moda- Birds and Berries

What I love about this quilt is that it's not overly girly. The back is a light mint with tiny white dots, and the binding is a darker turquoise.It's easily a "modern little girls quilt". For the girl who doesn't like pink. The flowers aren't overdone either. 
I like how the back stitching gives it some more interest than just a plain back. I'm really happy with the color choices.

 A different kind of Zig Zag

I think I'm over Zig Zags, and want a more challenging pattern, but I have one more quilt whose fabric I bought especially for a zig zag pattern. Last night I cut out the squares and am super excited about it. More on that later though.

I hope it's okay to brag that my binding came out perfect!

I'm getting better with my binding. I finished it off in almost one sitting, during 2 Top Chef episodes. (I'm rooting for Kristen). I love this binding so much, I did have to grow on me though. I thought for sure it was too dark, but it goes great.

Y already has a few requests for the living room quilt I'm going to make. Timber & Leaf from Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics is the fabric. The pattern, still unknown. He is in love with the foxes pattern.
I bought a half yard just to see, and it is even more gorgeous that the pictures online. It will make an amazing quilt!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, February 1

Home Decor madness- The living room

I've been saving interior design pictures lately like I have a Mary Poppins Bag bank account (I wish).
Truth is, we'll be moving in August, and we'll finally have room to... Well, decorate, make the house pretty.
Y keeps saying that maybe we should just get an interior designers help, and I keep telling him to let me do it. Don't you trust me?
Yikes. I hope I can trust me. I really don't want a wonky looking living room.

I've been putting together an "inspiration board", which mostly comes from Pinterest. But I've also been folding down a hell of a lot of corners in several magazines.

Taken from En dag voor Sophie

We have a bit of a wall space off of the living room, and Y wants to put a bookcase. I absolutely love the look of the bookshelf (is it a bookshelf?) above, that you can display stuff and throw junk in it's draws. Not that I have junk...
But, I also like the idea of a reading nook. I'm thinking that somehow we could use Ikea's Borgsjo collection and make it work.

I love the idea of Photo/Art/Frame collages on the wall. I know it needs to be done properly though, otherwise it looks like a bit of a mess. The ones below are perfect.

We'll need to buy more art. 
Our tastes are so different, and there is SO many pictures and ideas around, I'm afraid I'll get lost and everything will sort of be mush.
I'm kind of trying to take it one square meter at a time, and once we actually move in be able to play around more. All I know is I want it to be cozy and warm, a house that looks lived in. 

A thought for next week, where should color come from in the bedroom? The walls or accents?


Some favorite finds this week:

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