Saturday, June 15

BOM #1

A while ago SewLux started to advertise their BOM quilt kits. Hell yes, sign me up!
I've never done a quilt-a-long, or quilt kits, or anything of the sort, so I was more than excited. (think kid in candy store). And I had to go with the Happy-Go-Lucky kit from the lovely Camille Roskelley.
As an international, I needed to go with the 2 kits shipped one every other month. Shipping costs are already a fortune, so whatever helps cut the cost. (There are still some kits available!)
I picked up the package yesterday, yippee!

BOM Sew Lux July block
Of course I peeked...

 The pattern was quite easy and I finished in a short while. I thought of maybe waiting for the July block as well, but who has the patience?! I'll play along with everyone else, one block a month.

BOM Sew Lux June block, Happy Go Lucky, Camille Rosekelley, Simplify
Finished block

When signing up I definitely considered going pattern only, and trying to play around with my stash. I don't think I'm at that point though. I love how everything is already put together for me, if it was up to me- I would spend the next few months just pairing the perfect pattern and color together. Plus, this is a great chance to try a beautiful new collection!

BOM Sew Lux June block, Happy Go Lucky, Camille Rosekelley, Simplify
 Closer up

 I also decided to go with the backing and binding kits. Same reason as before- I have a matching problem. Easier to go with pre picked. Besides, it is a kit!
Got the thumbs up from DH on the dark blue backing, this is going to be very different than the rest of my quilts!
Now, I have a year to master free motion quilting... Doable, right?

BOM Sew Lux back+binding Happy Go Lucky
Binding and backing kits

This past week I finally placed an order with Amazon for Camille Rosekelleys new book- Simply Retro. The shipping date is estimated July 31st (yikes) but if I know amazon, it just might be here by next weekend.
I have my eye on her new line Scrumptious, and can't wait for it to be available.
So much fabric, so little time!

See you next month!

What I learnt from quilting this week: 
If you ever poke yourself with the needle/pin, wait until you stop bleeding...


  1. Your block looks great! So glad you are sewing along with me! :-)


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