Saturday, September 28

I've made a huge mistake

No really, I've made a huge tiny mistake. Any other Arrested Development fans out there?
Once I found out I made a mistake (and a stupid one at that) Mini Gob immediately sat down on the speaker next to the table, crossed his legs and laughed uncomfortably.
I buried my face in my hands. How did this happen?!
I say tiny because it's somewhat fixable.
A while ago (I can't remember when, if I could it might solve a few questions) I ordered white fabric. It wasn't Moda. It was Riley Blake, and I have no idea why I ordered it. And I don't remember how much.
I always buy Bella solids bleached white (which really isn't all that white. It's more yellow. Thanks Riley Blake).
I started my Snow Blossoms quilt with the Riley Blake white. I started my I Heart You quilt with the Bella bleached white.
I finished half the snow blossoms about a month ago, before we moved, and just the other day took out the rest of the fabric to cut. Yesterday I cut the white fabric, today sat down to piece everything together and to my horror realized I had cut the bleached white instead of the (snow I'm guessing) white.
I spent all morning going over my orders in the past year looking for some kind of white. It took me a while to remember it was Riley Blake and not another company. But I remember it being a part of some collection... Which is why I'm remembering snow. Maybe Santa's Workshop white? Why are there so many whites?! None of the orders had anything in them, and most of the shops I buy from, while they do have an account page, they don't have recent orders.
Why do I care so much- because I probably don't have enough white to finish the Snow Blossoms. What a quilter rookie I am. I'm so embarrassed.

I'll be buying some of Santa's workshop and hope it matches. If not... Well, half a quilt can still work :)

Now, let's have another bit of Gob to make me feel better!

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