Saturday, July 13

Back to the beginning- building a stash

I have a few favorite quilting blogs, one of them being Blue Elephant Stitches. I found her a few years ago on etsy, and was delighted to find her blog.
Her quilts are simply, the fabric choices are amazing. There are some really simple quilts, and the fabric- they definitely make the quilt! I have been inspired by her quilts, there are more than a few I have on my checklist.
I just have to find the perfect fabrics for them- like hers.
A pattern is always pretty simple, and you see hundreds of people who have sewn it- they all look different. A pattern is a pattern, but you bring it to life with the colors, and fabrics you choose.
I guess that's why I like flickr groups, to see one quilt, the same pattern, different in every picture.
It's no secret I have a hard time matching colors and prints. Always trying to be perfect, but perfect only comes together once the quilt is sewn together, binding and all. I'm still on fat quarters, charm squares, perfectly matched collections. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's wonderful to have that choice, but I so do want to try a mishmash of different collections.
Jolene Klassen, of Blue Elephant Stitches, put together a "quilt course". I am following of course! I want to know her little secrets and tips, I definitely want to know where she got some of her fabulous fabrics from, some of them look seriously soft! And I'm really interested in what she has to say about batting and quilting.

Starting off is fabric selection, or "Building a Stash", of course it starts there. It is really helpful, and I know I'll go back to it and read the posts again and again. I need to get it through my head to experiment a little! Try!
Damn perfectionism!
Jolene must know her fabric choices are drooled over, so she offers pre-cut "charm pack"s of different fabrics in her etsy store, like below.
I think I'm still playing it safe by buying a "charm pack" like this from her, but it is a start!

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