Saturday, December 28

14 projects for 2014- Part 1- knitting

This next year I'm going to try and focus on actually completing projects in my queue. I've got way too much yarn for my own good, all bought for specific projects, that have obviously not been knit.

So here's my countdown:

Image taken from the Brooklyn Tweed Website

1. Y really wants a new sweater, and he's more into knit items this past year than before.
I let him look through Brooklyn Tweeds mens collection, and he really liked Hugo by Veronik Avery.
It's a favorite of mine as well. I can't wait for Y to wear it.

Image taken from the Brooklyn Tweed Website

2. My hands are usually cold, like, freezing cold. This is new this year, I don't ever remember my hands being this cold. It's the worst in the morning when I'm driving to work, last year Y drove us both to work, so I had my hands wrapped around my coffee. I have gloves, but isn't a handmade pair much better?
I've had my eye on Shipyard Mittens by Carrie Bostick Hoge since it came out. I just need to find the 2 perfect colors to go together. Maybe a nice gold with cream.
Carrie has such beautiful patterns, I've made both her immie blanket and Imogen Cowl (which I'm wearing right now!) and I've got so many more in my favorites.

Sheepish, by Alana Dakos, Imageby Alana Dakos

3. This just might be the first project I favorited when joining Ravelry.
I don't think I need to say anything else about it but CUTENESS!!!

Image taken from the Ravelry Project page

4. Wee Austin Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio. And of course anything else by Connie. I loved the adult version of this hoodie, but the little one is way too cute. It's got a little pointed hood, and it's made with fingering- awesome for our warmer weather.

Image by DavidWhitfield, Taken from the Ravelry project page

5. My sister "gently" hinted that she's like a new knitted garment for her little girl.
Her kids are picky about their clothes, and I would like them to have something they can use over and over again, and not just this winter. We use our blankets all the time, and Y has asked me to make more, they are so warm and cozy, and so homey.
I think a blanket would be best. Plus, I love knitting blankets. And you cannot ever go wrong with Anne Hanson!
Hazard, by Anne Hanson, can also be knitted as a wrap, in either fingering or DK weight. I think I'm going to go with the small throw,  but the baby blanket just might work as well.

So these are the projects I will most definitely have knit in 2014 (hopefully!) I hope I can squeeze in some more knitting projects, I'd love to get a pair of socks done for Y, another throw for our living room, a stole for my mom, and the list goes on...
(I really want to knit this, but don't want to commit just yet!)

What are you planning on knitting in 2014?!

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