Thursday, January 24

What do we have in our pockets

This made my day better.

Directed by Goran Dukic

Etgar Keret is only one of my all time favorite authors.
I found out about him in high school, when a friend of mine told me I should come to one of his readings. I couldn't make it, but he lent me the book. I don't remember if I ever gave it back, all I know is that I have two copies... I read them both.
I got pathetic around grade 12, when I started carrying his books around everywhere in hopes I would meet him and he could sign a copy.
It never happened.
I used to be such a junkie. But seriously, his books got me through some tough times. I have so many favorite stories. I think those stories made me want to learn movie directing. My dream was to direct a short film based on one of his stories.
Imagine my happiness when I found out someone had already done that...

The story about the angel is one of my all time favorites, and it was exactly as I imagined in the movie. The story, "The Angel", is taken from his book "The bus driver who wanted to be God". 
I did however meet him years later while watching the movie Jellyfish, and he had a Q&A afterwards. He was as cool as I always expected him to be.

The movie is lovely and melancholic, about loneliness and the happiness that can be found buried underneath it all. It's painfully sad at times, and the acting is wonderful.
The movie was directed by him and his wife, Shira Geffen. She writes darling childrens books these days. When I have a little one I will most definitely read them one. Or two...

Goran Dukic also directed the movie "Wrstcutters" which is based on the slightly longer novel "Knellers Happy Campers". This story is a bit more... on the darkish side. It's definitly less funny than the rest of the stories, but the feeling are so real. There are so much you can relate to, sentences that seem like they were made for me, sentences I wish I had said first. A must read.

Now, back to business... 
I had a pretty great day until this evening. Things just got bad. Looking through our news site I came across a new short film based on a story by Etgar Keret. The film will be debuting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. 
I like this one a lot because I too, have a lot in my pockets. And bag. I have a lot of  important stuff in my bag. I can relate. 
What's in your pockets?

Tuesday, January 22

Dear Creatures Spring 2013 Wishlist

Two years I got fed up with shopping. I always remembered a bit too late that I need clothes, and by then it was clearance, and no sizes left.
Even if I did remember on time, it seemed that I just didn't find anything. Too flowery, too tight, too short, way too saucy.
Let's not talk about shoes.
Last year Y caught me looking through the Dear Creatures site and told me I should buy their whole collection. I didn't of course, but it got me thinking. Two months ago I bought my first clothing on-line. I had my eye on the Dear Creatures winter line since it came out, and knew I would be sorry if I didn't try it out.
I bought The Cat's Meow in red (yellow was my first choice, but not available) from Ever + Mi Crush.
They have the most amazing customer service. Ever.
The main reason I don't buy clothing online is sizing. And fitting. The dress I bought was slightly large, so I exchanged it for a small. I was iffy about sending it back and forth, but within a week and a half I had my dress, perfect as perfect could be.
I am so happy I finally made "that step".

Have you seen Dear Creatures Spring collection? I am coveting so much of it right now.
Emerging Thoughts is having a pre-sale on the collection. Dangerous.
So, what's on my list you ask?

Both are really cute, but I have my eye on the Teal Mustard. It helps to know I look good in a wrap dress like this too.

Adorable. I'm not sure how good I look in that many stripes though.

This is even more adorable than the stripes. I'd go with the yellow, just to make my day brighter.
The contrast trim really adds to the dress. (Those blue/yellow shoes!!!)

Because cute tops are so hard to find. Love the brown grey version. This would look great with a pair of jean shorts, which I live in during the summer.

You can check out their whole Spring collection here.

All images are taken from the Dear Creatures website.

Friday, January 18

Finish it off Friday?

I wish weekends had more days. I'm so tired during the weekday evening I leave everything for the weekend.
Then I stay up way too late to finish everything, wake up Sunday morning exhausted, and the cycle just continues. I need a good nights sleep.
I started my adventures in quilting way too long ago. The reason why only now I'm finishing my second one, is because, well, weekends are too short.
This quilt is made from the lovely Birds and Berries, by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda. I knew I had to have this collection the second I saw it.
It is as lovely as it looks, but a bit troublesome. I bought the charm pack because I'm still terrified of anything but. It seemed there wasn't enough purple squares, or yellow. I couldn't make a simple zig-zag quilt because I didn't have enough, or had way to many of one color.

Birds and berries zig zag quilt
Charm pack was purchased from Designs By Donelle 

I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to matching colors, and I was really bummed about it. Especially because the purples were so pretty.
I ended up arranging it in an altered zig zag fashion. sort of zig zag, but not quite.

Birds and berries zig zag quilt

I bought the backing from the same collection, a very light mint with tiny white dots. The binding is also from the same collection, it looks like peacocks. The birds are all over this fabric. Sort of like "Where's Waldo". I think I read in their blog that there are more than 40 different birds in this line. That's a lot of birds.

Birds and berries zig zag quilt
Backing and binding was purchased from Lily Rose Quilts
Last Friday I bought the filling for this, and my plan is to try and quilt it tomorrow. I'm going with simple straight-ish lines along the zig zags. I like the clean look of it. If all goes well, tomorrow evening I start binding. Throughout the week I should be able to sneak in some hand sewing to get it done by next- Finish it up Friday.

I think there should also be a "Start it Saturday" (Or Sunday). Last week I also bought the fabric for my very own weekender bag. Just looking at the directions scare me, but I've read plenty of good tips, and have a bookmark called "weekender bag help", so I know I'm not alone. I cannot wait to make the cording, and well, actually finish it. I know it will be super useful, and hopefully not that hard as it seems.
But, more on that when I actually begin!

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