Friday, March 1

Starting to Swoon

Last week I received my fabric for my Swoon quilt.
Ever since I laid eyes on Tinder and Leaf, by Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics, I knew I needed to have it.
Stupid me though, when it came out I changed my mind. By the time I had made up my mind, the fat quarter pack was gone. Of course, I needed to have it, so I signed up to be notified when it was available again.
Now, repeat that last paragraph... (doh'!)

The third time I received a notification, it said "We will not be restocking this". Great, now I REALLY needed to have it.
So I picked out my own bundle. In half yards, just to be on the safe side. You never know. I also didn't want this to become another Heather Ross Mendocino scenario.
By picking out my own bundle I got the chance to overlook a pattern or two I didn't "love" in this line. I think there was one or two. This fabric is really gorgeous.

The foxes are definitely my favorite pattern!

I'm going to make this into a Swoon for us. I know the fabric isn't as "happy" or cheery as some of the Swoons I've seen, (check out the flickr group!) but I think it will be calm and homey. The back will be plain white, the binding the red acorns. I would have gone with the yellow acorns, but it was all sold out.

The colors are great and all compliment each other. I need 9 squares, 2 colors for each square, and I only have 12 "colors". It is no problem to pair these up to have two of the same patterns a few times, and I think it will add to the color. There's not a lot of yellow, so doubling up on them will just make it all look better.

The fabric was bought from Hawthorne Threads, which I love buying from, great selection and super quick shipping.

I'm not going to be able to start this weekend, I still have something small to finish up, but I hope to start cutting this week! Exciting! My very first non HST quilt!

I would love one of these for my bread making.

Reminds me of my dream to learn film.

New Milk magazine!

The Avengers. 50 years of earths mightiest superheros!

Colored tights. I want to be able to get away with them!

Supper tomorrow? Maybe.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Those are great colors! I can see why you would need to restock again. Can't wait to see the finished pieces. :)

    Found you on the Etsy Teams and stopped by to Read and Follow. Glad I did!

    Cory or


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