Saturday, February 2

Finished it off on Friday

Yesterday I completed my Birds and Berries quilt, threw it in the wash and by the time it dried it was already too late for beauty shots.
Technically, I finished it off on Friday.

I love how this came out. I'm always amazed at how iffy I am before, colors don't match and etc. But then, when it all comes together, it's always so beautiful! Patchwork. That's the idea.

All fabric are from Lauren & Jessi Jungs line for Moda- Birds and Berries

What I love about this quilt is that it's not overly girly. The back is a light mint with tiny white dots, and the binding is a darker turquoise.It's easily a "modern little girls quilt". For the girl who doesn't like pink. The flowers aren't overdone either. 
I like how the back stitching gives it some more interest than just a plain back. I'm really happy with the color choices.

 A different kind of Zig Zag

I think I'm over Zig Zags, and want a more challenging pattern, but I have one more quilt whose fabric I bought especially for a zig zag pattern. Last night I cut out the squares and am super excited about it. More on that later though.

I hope it's okay to brag that my binding came out perfect!

I'm getting better with my binding. I finished it off in almost one sitting, during 2 Top Chef episodes. (I'm rooting for Kristen). I love this binding so much, I did have to grow on me though. I thought for sure it was too dark, but it goes great.

Y already has a few requests for the living room quilt I'm going to make. Timber & Leaf from Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics is the fabric. The pattern, still unknown. He is in love with the foxes pattern.
I bought a half yard just to see, and it is even more gorgeous that the pictures online. It will make an amazing quilt!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. This is super cute little quilt. I love the way you offset the zig zag. It really pops.

  2. Beautiful quilt! I found you through etsy's promote team! I am your newest follower, pleas take moment and visit my blog. If you find something you like please follow too!


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