Sunday, March 17

What I've learnt (so far) from quilting

What I've learnt (so far) from quilting:
1. A quilt is like a bride. Don't worry, it will always be beautiful in the end.
2. Always have a spare blade.

3. Keep your hair up. You don't want it hanging there, waiting to get caught...
4. Quilting is less about knowing how to sew, and more about patience and precision.

Amy Butlers Bloom Quilt, image via Imagine Fabric

5. If you like a line of fabric. Buy it in multiple forms, charm, fat quarters, jelly roll, whatever. When it's hard to find you'll be happy.
6. Rulers. Lots of them.
7. White charm packs. Always good to have around.

8. Those tiny leftover HST from flying geese make awesome little pin cushions.
9.Colors don't always have to match. And stripes can go with polka dots.
10. If you like the pattern, YOU CAN.

Birds and berries quilt, My own

Have a lovely week ♥

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