Tuesday, February 19

Home decor madness- Studio

We're going to have a spare room in our new house for a studio.
Enough said. Let the fun begin!

Is that a chalkboard wall?! I'm still not sure I love that idea, maybe a small magnet section?

This looks more like what my space will look like. I think I'd like a soft board to pin up my quilt squares. There's something I just don't like about cork bulletin boards. The pegs are a great idea, but I'd never be able to keep everything neat and tidy. And I love love love the long clean table. Could I pull that off? Maybe if I stuff all my junk into those drawers.

Lotta Jansdotters studio. Hmmm...

My space could also go in this direction. Love the open shelf unit, and those scissors, WANT! 
I think a nice colorful rug would be great to add some fun into the room.

Like this rug. I would buy it in a second if it was up to me. Y would never go for it though, which is too bad, because it is awesome!
Via West Elm 

I'm still not sure if we're going to leave the walls white, or paint one a different color, or all a different color. I'm always afraid that I'll get sick of it. I know it's only paint, but there's something that feels final to me, like it's a waste to paint over.

There are many rooms I find inspirational, but I don't think they will be realistic, or useful for me. Like I said before, I'm a bit of a clutter bug, and if I have the room to clutter, it will get messy.
The picture below, from Art as Life, is to die for. I love the armoire, the armchair, but I would stuff those shelves like there's no tomorrow. The studio tour is lovely, and there are some great ideas that I can actually use, but the example below is a big no-no for me.

I'm happy to have a direction, and I think most of the furniture for the spare room will come from Ikea, but I don't think I have a problem with that.
I know it will take a while to get the studio together, and I hope all hell doesn't break loose before it does.
I'm excited to start decorating my own space, and already have Decorate Workshop book in my Amazon cart, all ready to be bought and shipped out. I know though that once you start buying decorating books there's no end, maybe that's why I'm still waiting!

Yup, been there. Designers, I know you've been there too!

Three words. Orla Kiely AW13.

Quentin Tarantino Death Count. I always though Pulp Fiction had a bit more deaths than that!

I'm not a Sphynx Cat lover, but what a cutie!

Tapestry Oxfords. Yay or Nay? I'm thinking Yay.

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