Saturday, December 29

2013, Lets do this

I wanted to write about my New Years resolutions.
I always want a list. THE list. What I need to do before I'm 30. What I need to see before this and that.
I think my lists only got up to #5. And it was tough getting there. This year I decided to be a bit more realistic than "Travel to China".

1. Clean the house
My house is clean, but I want to be the queen of clean. Spotless clean. I used to be like that, but then I moved into a teeny tiny house and things started to pile up. This August we're supposed to be moving into a new house, and I plan on keeping it spick-and-span. AKA, shoes off at the door!

2. Get a Cat
Or a rabbit. Y is OK for either. Or both. That will happen in the new house as well.

3. Cut the sugar
Almost three years ago I went on a Candida diet. It lasted for almost 5 months until I broke down and ate a piece of chocolate. Since then I've only felt guilty every time I eat junk food of chocolate. Both Y and myself plan on eating healthier, less fat, sugar, meat. Tons more veggies and grains.
Make more food at home to take to work, freeze in advance. It's possible, I did it before, I can do it again.

Lululemon, Runder Under Pant

4. Fitness
Tomorrow I'm in the gym. I'm not a bum, but I need to work out more. Besides, I need an excuse for new running gear :) AKA, I need to loose 3 kg.

5. Read more
I used to love reading, and I still do, but it seems I don't have any time. A newspaper just isn't enough. 10 minutes before I go to bed is a good start.

This is getting harder...

6. Read more design magazines
Actually READ them. Cut out the pictures I like and want for inspiration, and do it. It's really not that hard. Just a matter of doing.

Agas & Tamar, Gold Studded Earrings

7. Buy myself jewelry
Because I deserve it.

8. Sew more
Even if it's late at night and just for 15 minutes. I know I'm pushing everything until our new house, but once we move, we'll finally have room for an actual studio, and it will make things easier. These days I need to pull out the ironing board on the kitchen counter, clear off the table for my cutting board... It wi;; be easier once everything is already OUT.

9. Be a better person
Be more polite. Say good morning to more people. Talk less behind people backs. Offer to help, don't turn people down. Be more patient. Keep my voice down. Stress less. Don't take my work home, don't bring my personal life to work. Bake more for co-workers. Smile more.
Mostly, think before talking/doing.

10. Drink more wine
And learn how to make cocktails. Every now and then a Mojito is nice to drink.

11. Try new things
Be open to new ideas. Change is not always bad.

#12 is reserved for something private. But it's there and happening. Hopefully it's something that I'll be able to have accomplished by 2014 :)

OK 2013, I'm ready Let's do this!

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