Friday, December 14

Baby it's cold outside

Winter is finally here. The other day we dusted off our heater and plugged it in. I dug out my slippers and hot water bottle. My fingers are always freezing cold, and our showers are super short because we never have enough hot water.
But for some strange reason, I keep looking at people all bundled up in sweaters and think to myself, "but it's till too early for bulky sweaters!"  I think I only admit it's winter in about February. Then, it's already too late. It's almost spring!
Time flies.
I know I need to start my winter knitting/sewing early, but I'm always late. Right now I want to knit another blanket. or, in other words, a fat warmer. But it'll only get used next year. Until I get around to it.

My dream living room has a big round wicker basket, filler with hand knit blankets. Colorful and chunky. And they will always be folded neatly inside. Each family member will have their favorite fat warmer to cuddle up in and fall asleep with.
Sounds lovely.

Anne Hanson, one of my favorite designers has lovely blanket patterns. I've knit Honey Baby (gifted) and the Hourglass Throw. Both were a pleasure to knit, as are all of her patterns.

Our Fat Warmer

Another blanket I knit was from Madelinetosh, Heirloom. I loved knitting it, and think I will gift it to a co-worker who is expecting her first child any day now.

Heirloom, but I call it "The Big Green"

But the first blanket I ever tried knitting crocheting was the Babette Blanket. What a pattern! I started back in 2009, and laughed when I read that it took some 9 months to complete it. Boy, was I a beginner.
I completed most of it right away, but then things got slow. I got bored. I really should have used more than 4 colors. 
To this day it's still missing the last panel, but it's big enough to wrap up in. The yarn is pretty heavy so it's super warm. Since I hate weaving the ends in, (and I can also use the excuse that it's still not finished!) there are loose ends all over the place. Oops.
 But Y loves that old blanket. He uses it every day, and claimed it his. I have a plan to finish it and surprise him with it, maybe next year...
If I had enough patience I'd knit him a brand new one, but I think some patterns are only made to be knit once. That's how they become special ♥

A blanket for the Bub

Hope everyone has a warm weekend! 
Stay home snuggled under the covers with someone you love (Let them bring you the hot chocolate!)

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