Saturday, August 4


I feel like time is passing by way too fast.
Seriously, I need about 2 more hours each day. At work. That way I could get home and not stress over all the work I still have to get done.
As a graphic designer (and part time vm) for a large clothing company, I feel as if I live from collection to collection. I simply cannot wait until August 19th. And then after that, it will be a date in September. Then the end of September early October. Squeeze in three weeks of holidays and then another collection. Is it no wonder my time just disappears?
I feel bad for Y, I don't feel like going out on weekends, but enjoy the quiet, sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing. He looks at me with his big brown eyes and my heart hurts.
I'm late at getting house related stuff done. Last week I finally baked the brownies I've been planning to bake for over a month :)
July 11th I finished my Driven cardigan. And only now I'm getting to write about it.

I love the collar, might be my favorite part!

I love love love it. The color, the way it looks, how it actually fits. I'm so proud of myself for the last bit. The color change is ever so subtle, so I know I'll love wearing it as well. Cannot wait for cooler weather.
When I first started it, I was still in my old office, sitting alone with the AC cranked up to freezer mode. I had plans of keeping it in my office and cuddling with it.
In the beginning of July, I was moved over to another office with three others, one who does not like the AC at all, so I'm left sweating and swearing, both at the same time.

My Driven will have to wait.

This is my first year participating in the Ravellenic games over at Ravelry. I'm watching quite a lot of the games this year. Gymnastics are my favorite.
Norie and the Dahlia cardigan are on my list, two patterns I've had my eye on for quite some time now. Knitting the Dahlia reminded me of how much I love lace. My next project will be some bad ass lace project. Leaves of Grass maybe? I miss knitting a Jared Flood pattern!

I also have a few new sewing projects on my mind. Quilting has always fascinated me, and I finally ordered some charm packs for a first. I was thinking a simple zig-zag quilt. More on that when the fabric arrives. (I'm so excited!) I'm also looking for a quilt-a-long to help me actually finish it and not abandon it somewhere.

And last, a short list of things I ♥

Dear Creatures anything. Their tumblr is such an inspiration!

Florence and the Machine is so cool. Plus, Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons? Too bad this concert never took place. Love your taste in music though! (Taken from this tumblr)

Gorgeous blog. Reminds me I need to get to Iceland ASAP.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, xoxo

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