Saturday, June 30

Blankets in the Summer

I started to get this "thing" for knitting blankets.
I went through it with socks, then shawls, then cardigans, now it's blankets.
Really, I need to start knitting a bunch of different stuff at the same time, rather than 4 shawls all at once.

It's hot here. I don't remember it being this hot last year, or having our AC on for this long, everyday.
We drink twice the amount of water we usually do, at home. Last week we drank about 17 liters in a week. (Yay for bottled water helping us keep track).
Yes, it's HOT.

So why am I knitting blankets in the heat? I don't know, I'm just into them now.

A few months back (let's be honest, in December) I started knitting Anne Hansons ever so lovely blanket- the Hourglass Throw. We'll refer to it simply as "The Fat Warmer". I bought some local wool, ran out, so I had a pretty good excuse as to why I couldn't finish it.
I have 1.5 skeins left, which means one more repeat, and it'll be done. The thing is super huge, and I cannot wait for it to be completed.

The Big Green, It was supposed to be bigger...

But then came Camp Loopy. I didn't know what to knit, so I chose a blanket. Blankets are always good. It seems. Plus, I had a deadline, I had to finish it by June 27th. And that I did.
I would have liked it a bit wider, but it's perfect as a one-man-lap-blanket. (I had hopes it would be bigger, hence the name "The big Green") The color (Jade, Madelinetosh Sport) is amazing. Green is starting to grow on me. I still remember the days I owned zero green. What was wrong with me?

Checking out the size

The pattern, Heirloom,  is super simple (once I charted it) and went by quite fast. Would I knit it again? I don't think so, I have a long list of blankets I still need to knit!

Have  lovely weekend!

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