Saturday, August 11


I finished my first Ravellenic project, CAF Norie, earlier this week.
Whoopie, finally, a slouchy hat that fits and looks good on me! Now, the long and hot wait for winter...

Norie, great for cooler weather, if it ever gets here!

I bought the yarn for it quite a while ago, but obviously misread the yarn requirements somewhere. I used Madelinetosh DK, in the gorgeous colorway Happiness, which has 225 yards, while the pattern calls for 260. Gulp.
I really wanted a slouchy hat.
I knit all 4 lace sections, but just before the last I decreased. Then, only knit 3 single purl ridges, instead of 3 double. I was left with enough yarn, not enough for the full pattern, but enough so I didn't have to bite my nails until the end! It's slouchy enough and I love it.

Working on my second Ravellenic project, the Dahlia Cardigan is a bit trickier. I'm not too good with piecing together, and this just might end up a disaster. I keep telling myself that there's no reason, and that I'm a good and neat knitter. I just can't wait to finish it to admire and pat myself on the back.

Soon, very soon :)

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