Saturday, June 2

The Dexter

It's hard to get things done when I have so many hobbies.
Do I knit? Do I sew? Do I bake? Do I make marshmallows? Do I just sit in front of the TV with a bowl of Ice cream?
Everyday I walk past my fabric stash and I swear it gives me "that look".
Usually weekends I pull it out and sew something. But I always find new fabric, and my stash just grows and grows and grows. Instead of keeping some balance of I buy to refill. I know that stash actually means to grow larger and larger until it completely takes over your house, but my house is not that big.
Plus, I need to fill up my shop.
My dear husband loves my needle organizer. Of course he does though, finally my needles aren't ALL over the place.
But he also likes it because it reminds him of one of our favorite shows. Dexter :)

Dexters Kill Bag, Custom Prop Replica. Very cool. Taken from here

He calls it the Dexter because of Dexters, well, as google calls it, a "Kill Bag". I thought I'd skip the name and just go with "Organizer". I know there are a lot of Dexter fans out there, but not sure how well a "kill bag" would go.

knitting needle organizer
 Enough pockets for all the needles you need to take with you

It took me quite a while to perfect this baby. How to divide the pockets so that all kinds of needles fit in. Perfecting sewing on a zipper (finally, awesome!) I have quite a lot of funky looking organizers at home, and not enough needles for them all (another kind of stash?)

knitting needle organizer
A little zippered pocket, great for all those notions that always get lost

So, this weekend I pulled out my stash and started sewing another Dexter needle organizer. I love these two fabrics, gorgeous blueish herringbone and a dirty yellow flower pattern (Both Joel Dewberry). I think my favorite is pairing two fabrics up together. Might be why I have such a hard time finding the perfect fabrics for a quilt. they need to match EXACTLY. More on that later. When I have more time to sew.

* I'm having a quickie sale this weekend, 15% off everything in the shop, with the code "JUNE012" at checkout. Making room for some new stuff!


  1. Oooh - what a pretty needle case! I have a problem of never putting my needles back in it, so they still end up all over the place. ;)

    2 project bags coming my way soon! I have a project bag addiction now - instead of buying yarn, I buy bags for the yarn. Ha! My project bag bin now overfloweth.

    1. Thank you! I don't know how I managed with my needles before!
      Your bags on on their way :)


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