Tuesday, January 22

Dear Creatures Spring 2013 Wishlist

Two years I got fed up with shopping. I always remembered a bit too late that I need clothes, and by then it was clearance, and no sizes left.
Even if I did remember on time, it seemed that I just didn't find anything. Too flowery, too tight, too short, way too saucy.
Let's not talk about shoes.
Last year Y caught me looking through the Dear Creatures site and told me I should buy their whole collection. I didn't of course, but it got me thinking. Two months ago I bought my first clothing on-line. I had my eye on the Dear Creatures winter line since it came out, and knew I would be sorry if I didn't try it out.
I bought The Cat's Meow in red (yellow was my first choice, but not available) from Ever + Mi Crush.
They have the most amazing customer service. Ever.
The main reason I don't buy clothing online is sizing. And fitting. The dress I bought was slightly large, so I exchanged it for a small. I was iffy about sending it back and forth, but within a week and a half I had my dress, perfect as perfect could be.
I am so happy I finally made "that step".

Have you seen Dear Creatures Spring collection? I am coveting so much of it right now.
Emerging Thoughts is having a pre-sale on the collection. Dangerous.
So, what's on my list you ask?

Both are really cute, but I have my eye on the Teal Mustard. It helps to know I look good in a wrap dress like this too.

Adorable. I'm not sure how good I look in that many stripes though.

This is even more adorable than the stripes. I'd go with the yellow, just to make my day brighter.
The contrast trim really adds to the dress. (Those blue/yellow shoes!!!)

Because cute tops are so hard to find. Love the brown grey version. This would look great with a pair of jean shorts, which I live in during the summer.

You can check out their whole Spring collection here.

All images are taken from the Dear Creatures website.

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