Saturday, September 22


I'm quite proud of myself for owning the same phone for over 4 years.
I used to be against technology (and somewhat still am). I ignored everyone around me and bought my first SLR (Minolta, sniff sniff) instead of a shiny new digital. I caved and went digital only when I needed one for school. We didn't have TV until about 6 months ago. I think I was proud to carry around that "title" of the-one-who-doesn't-have-a-TV. It was just a title though, and it got too heavy to carry around.
I like titles, but they get old, and unbelievable, and somewhat pathetic.
So we got a TV.
But now, my title is the-one-who-has-a-phone-from-1990.
No, of course I bought my phone in the 21st century, and it's in color, and even has a camera and, well, that might be it. I kept eyeing the new smartphones and saying stupid things like "I really need to get a new phone". It's stupid because mine works perfectly fine.
Last week I went out to do some errands and came back knowing that it's time, I really do need a new phone.
Tecnology. Instagram. Those black and white pixel code reader apps. Apps. Waze. What's up.

Y has a thing for Hedgehogs. He loves them and thinks they're the greatest little animals on earth. They are pretty cute. We have a few in our yard, and every now and then we see/hear one scurrying away.
We live in a neighborhood where all the neighbors feed the stray cats. We've gotten used to it over the years.   It's no big deal anymore. I guess the food they leave out attracts the hedgehogs at night, so maybe it's a good thing in the end.
Last Friday when I left the house, I noticed the bunch of cats eating in a corner. One cat looked, different. Looking closer, I saw it was a huge (HUGE) hedgehog. All the cats were chilling with it, like he was one of the gang. All I could think about was, "I have to take a picture of this, Y will go nuts!" Until I turned on my phone, and figured out how to take a picture, another neighbor came out and the hedgehog scurried away.
I was more than bummed. That was the last straw. I know that if I had a smartphone I would have had a whole album of that hedgehog. (Or would I have?)

I feel stupid for trying to hold onto something I'm really not, like "against technology" and stuff like that. Truth be told, I've wanted a smartphone since the day after I bought my current phone. I want to know what the buzz is about. I want to worry about not dropping it, or ruining it. I want to download lots of junk I don't need.
It's hard to let go of something, and I know when the day comes and I'll hand in my old little heavy red phone, I'll have second thoughts. Too expensive, too fancy and mostly, I really don't need it.

Change can be good. And I'm excited for change. But it might come in a different form ;)

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