Saturday, April 21

A gift for my Mom

Ever since my Mom laid eyes on my Topiary, she wanted it. I tried to convince her a lighter stole would be great for summer, and she would have use for it in our winter weather. Seriously, we spent 2 hours combing through Ravelry patterns. I kept steering her back to Celes, a gorgeous pattern by Jared Flood, because I've wanted to knit it the second I laid eyes on it. She finally agreed.

The yarn I used was Madelinetosh, Tosh Merino Light, in the lovely colorway Luster. I remember the first time I used it, it was not love at first sight. But after quite a few projects, it might be my favorite shawl yarn. I think I may have started a bit late, as her birthday was April 1st. I didn't get it done on time. No worries though, she'll be getting it next weekend.

I loved knitting this, as I do all of Jared Floods patterns. The knit on edging, which I expected much harder, was a breeze. Of course only after blocking you see how beautiful it really is. The drape is amazing, and it's super soft. It will be hard to give, but I know I'll see it often.

Project notes here 

Now that another big project is finished, I only have our Fat Warmer (AKA Hourglass Throw) to complete. I have 3 more skeins left, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of weeks. I'm in no rush though. Only that it be ready for next winter!


  1. That is so gorgeous - I spun some yarn for a Celes... Maybe I'll knit it for Ravelympics. I hope your mum adores it.

  2. Beautiful shawl! And the photos too... I'm using Tosh Merino Light for the Austin Hoodie and I love it

    1. Thank you! TML is quite lovely, I think it's becoming a favorite base of mine!


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