Monday, December 19

Inspire me Monday

I've decided in order to help me keep up with blogging, every few days will be a special day. Music Monday goes great together, but then when will "Inspire Me" day go? I might have to re-think this all, but for now, today is about inspiration.
Every now and then I see a project I need to make. It could be a quilt, brownies, shawl, embroidery, a new and neat way of storing socks. Anything. But I have this urge to try it out.
A few days ago I cam across this picture in the lovely A Beautiful Mess blog. And I knew I needed to make it.

Imagine the bummer when I found out it wasn't available as a pattern, but a ready-made picture. Vintage, and for me a bit hard to find.
I decided I'd just have to make my own version of it. I haven't picked up an embroidery hoop since 7th grade, but how hard should it be, right?

On my search for embroidery stitches, patterns and books, I came across another cute, and smaller pattern. This was found in cozyblues etsy shop.

I thought this might be sweet in our living room, or in our bedroom, a little family tree of our own. We do have to start somewhere.
I'm excited (as always) to start a new project, especially one I used to love but put down. I'm hoping this sticks, as I do have many stitching ideas, just have never had the one that started the ball rolling.
I want to embroider a duvet cover, (No, not the whole thing!) Towels, a bag or wallet maybe. I'd love an embroidered cardigan. And the list goes on.

Now, because this is Monday, I'll end this post with a little Music Monday. Just because I haven't made my mind up. Lets go :)

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  1. It's lovely! Can't believe you haven't embroidered in a long time!


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